What is document management and control?

What is document management?

Document management is a system or process used to capture, manage, track and store electronic documents such as procedures, forms, policies and other relevant control documents.

Effective document management can provide document security, access control, centralized storage, audit trails and streamlined search and retrieval, which can add value to a business or organisation.

What is document control?

Key components of identifying a document in a controlled secured system:

  • Document title
  • Issue ID or a numbering system
  • Date of issue
  • Page number

Overview of Document control process

  1. New control document created by a document author
  2. The approval process will be required to control the review and issuing of the control document
  3. Review cycle for existing control documents which goes through the approval process once reviewed
  4. The change request process provides any changes for improvement or correcting mistakes during the review cycle
  5. Removal of outdated or obsolete documents and retained for a period.

Overview of Document control roles and responsibilities

Document Author

  • Personnel who creates a new control document
  • Personnel who is responsible for the cycle of reviewing current documents when they are due
  • Subject matter expert

Document Owner

  • Personnel who is responsible for reviewing and approving the new document.
  • Subject matter expert

Document reviewer(s)

  • Personnel impacted by the new document or amended document, providing input and feedback to review the document prior to issuing the document
  • Subject matter expert

Document user(s)

  • Key stakeholders or relevant personnel impacted or influenced by the issued document
  • Provide feedback as part of the change request process
  • Subject matter expert(s)

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