ICNet software Te Whatu Ora – Waitematā

ICNet software interface and support Project

The Te Whatu Ora – Waitematā serves the communities of Rodney, North Shore and Waitakere. It provides secondary hospital and community services from North Shore and Waitakere hospitals and 30 community sites throughout the district. The Infection Prevention and Control (IP&C) department has an important role within the organisation.  The ICNET is a software that provides visibility into the required clinical information and provides notifications of events in near real-time. The ICNET software has been implemented for use within the Infection Control and Prevention service. It has functionalities that are being utilised by the Infection Control and Prevention Team (ICPT) to manage infection prevention activities and workflow. The IP&C Team were comfortable using this software in their day to day workflow processes. However, it has been identified that there is potenial risks in the support of the software due to recent changes, also the minimal interfacing to other required key hospital applications and also the overall ownership of this software. Furthermore, there is a lack of future planning to sustain the ongoing support and development of this software.


Project Status:


Project Timeframe:

July 2019 – June 2020


The scope and goal of this project was to develop interfaces with key hospital applications and a support operational structure with key stakeholders to ensure that there is stability and effective management of this software within Te Whatu Ora – Waitematā Infection Control.



  • Develop key interfaces with required applications
  • Creating specified documentation for the back end and the front end,
  • Develop a support structure with key stakeholders to future proof the management of this software
  • Provide training
  • Clearly communicate and develop respectable relationships with stakeholders and vendors

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