St Andrew’s Village – Quality and Risk

Quality and Risk Consulting Project

St Andrew’s Village (SAV) provides Quality aged care, retirement living and specialty care services. The purpose of this project is to review and enhance the Quality, Risk and Auditing processes and systems for St Andrew’s Village to ensure clarity and that it is fit for purpose.

Project Status:


Project Timeframe:

July 2021 – 2023


  • Reviewing and refreshing the Quality management system and Risk management systems
  • Identify and implement Quality and Risk solutions
  • Ensure compliance with the current contract
  • Provide day to day support for Quality and Risk


Workstream 1:
Reviewing the document management process including utilising software to help manage documents from development, reviewing, approval and implementation, including change requests.

Workstream 2:
Review and update the Quality and Risk Framework

Workstream 3:
Review key Quality and Risks systems and processes and update as required:

  • Incident management
  • Complaints
  • Auditing
  • Feedback
  • Continuous Improvement
  • Quality and Risk KPIs/Scorecards
  • Risk management

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