MEG Audit Software Southern Cross Healthcare

MEG Audit Software for Healthcare Implementation Project

Southern Cross Healthcare reflects the fact that caring for the health and well-being of New Zealanders now extends beyond their hospitals, into community physiotherapy and rehabilitation, as well as personalised healthcare solutions for New Zealand workplaces.

MEG auditing software is a flexible Cloud-based Quality Improvement solution and with a suite of powerful mobile tools providing capabilities including paperless inspections & auditing, action plans, task delegation and real-time report generation. The mobile tools are designed specifically for busy healthcare workers and can be accessed on any mobile or web-based platform. MEG generate automated reports and action plans, significantly reducing the admin burden on staff, giving them more time with patients.

The implementation of the MEG auditing software solution within Southern Cross Healthcare will help provide effective auditing and drive quality improvement.

Project Status:


Project Timeframe:

June 2021 – November 2021


Support the trial and implementation of the MEG auditing software within Southern Cross Healthcare



  • Introduce the MEG auditing software product range from a trial to implementation
  • Provide training to the Southern Cross Healthcare relevant staff
  • ​Gather specifications from the Southern Cross Healthcare Team and work with them to configure and implement the software
  • Provide support post implementation

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