Communio – SharePoint Upgrade

SharePoint Upgrade Project

Communio provides practical end-of-life advice, guidance and support services. Communio has been using an older version of SharePoint as an intranet to manage documents, capture opportunities for improvement as part of the previous Quality system, and allow staff to request annual leave, travel and record purchase orders. The current SharePoint was reviewed by an independent SharePoint consultant who recommended changes to upgrade the current state to a newer version, to allow cloud storage using cloud technology and the full utilisation of the upgraded system to be fit for purpose for Communio’s current business operations and functions.

Project Status:


Project Timeframe:

December 2019 – June 2020


  • The initial phase of reviewing SharePoint and then providing recommendations to upgrade and implementing the required changes to the existing SharePoint.
  • The test server will form part of the acceptance environment before changes can be deployed into the new SharePoint setup.
  • The use of cloud storage


  • Phase I: Development of forms and registers
  • Phase II: Implement and train
  • Phase III: Migration of required data, Go-live and support users

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