Our Iceberg Is Melting – Leading Change Under Any Conditions

Eight-step process of successful change by J.Kotter and H.Rathgeber – Our Iceberg Is Melting

Set the stage
1. Create a sense of urgency: Help and motivate the Team and people involved to see the need for change.
2. Build the guiding team: Assemble a team of key experts, skilled professionals and team players, including leaders to help make the necessary changes and drive the vision for change.

Decide on what to do
3. Develop the change vision: Inspire the Team and people involved about the vision for change and paint the picture of what the improvement will deliver.

Make it happen
4. Communicate the vision for buy-in: Acceptance of the vision for change is well understood by the Team and all involved by keeping them well-informed, supported and reminding them about the vision.
5. Empower others to act: Ensure that the Team and all involved feels useful and valued as part of the change. Keep the Team focused on the vision and promote a can-do approach and be positive.
6. Deliver short-term wins: Celebrate achievements and milestones to encourage the Team and build momentum to drive the vision for change.
7. Don’t let up: Be vigilant until the vision becomes a reality and continue to remove barriers and overcome obstacles. Do not go back to the old ways of doing things.

Make it stick
8. Create a new way: Embed the vision for change so that the new way of operating becomes the normal practice and don’t forget to celebrate the success with the Team.


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